La Fournaise Frivole (queen_crabapple) wrote in pants_party,
La Fournaise Frivole

Just Wondering

Do all honors college grads, or even ex-honors people, face the temptation to forego the charms of "gainful" employment and a reasonably steady income upon their entrance into the "adult" world? Do we all long to spend the rest of our days eating ramen and the occasional pudding cup as long as it means we won't have to do what anyone tells us or expects us to do? Would anyone else prefer the comforts of endless free time at the risk of starvation to the rigors of working to achieve someone else's dream and becoming effigies of our former selves in the process?

Geez, that ain't very pants-partyish, I guess. Let's lighten the mood-- everyone list your favorite cheap-ass food, and why you would be content to live out the duration of your life eating it. Or not.
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